Truck Mounted Attenuators

Protecting vehicles and workers in the event of an impact.


Avoiding serious damages in case of impact, while protecting equipment, workers, and motorists.

Truck mounted attenuators are essential for securing a roadwork site where workers have to operate near traffic. Although a truck of a certain mass is necessary to protect workers, it is equally necessary to protect road users from a collision with this mass. The truck mounted attenuators help to reduce the risk of important damage in the event of a collision between a road user and the protective truck.


Efficiently protecting workers and equipment on construction sites.

When planning road works, it is essential to ensure protection for workers. Using truck mounted attenuators is not only required by standards, but it also is in many cases the best way to protect the workers’ well-being. Even though these attenuators do not protect a construction site laterally, it is essential for short term work, when setting up signage for example.


A safety trailer for construction work zone

The TTMA-200 is an impact attenuator designed to attach to a truck on fixed or mobile road sites. It is the most innovative crash cushion on the market that meets the latest MASH standards. The TTMA-200 is the improved version of the first TTMA-100 TL-3 trailer attached to a vehicle by a simple trailer hitch.

The unit’s patented shock absorption technology makes it a reliable and affordable solution for improving safety on roads and work zones while minimizing the expense of investing in new equipment.

The system can be used with almost any vehicle in your fleet, with weights ranging from 15,000 lbs. to unlimited GVW. Using an 8-ton trailer hitch, the 658 kg (1450 lb) TTMA-200 can be installed to the tow vehicle within minutes with no modifications required.

Available now and in limited quantities, the TTMA-200 crash cushion has been completely redesigned to be larger and more visible, and is currently the most affordable model on the market.

The TTMA-100 trailers are no longer available from the manufacturer, however we keep a complete inventory of parts to repair your current fleet.


The U-MAD system adequately protects workers and road users, while being easy to maintain.

The U-MAD truck mounted attenuators provide outstanding performance at an unbeatable price.

The U-MAD TMA is available in TL-2 or TL-3 configurations, for use in work zones with speed limits from 70km/h to 100km/h. The system provides a wide range of protection for workers and motorists, while preserving the equipment. The U-MAD TMA meets the rigorous NCHRP 350 criteria for both mandatory and optional tests.

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