Road safety specialty products

Specialty products up to the current standards that meet the specific needs of contractors and municipalities.


Clearly defining traffic lanes, reducing breakage in case of impact, and meeting specific needs.

The workers’ safety on construction sites is a priority we can’t neglect. However, finding the ideal specialty product requires detailed analysis. The safety of the workers and drivers should be carefully considered as well. Each need is analyzed upstream to determine the most optimal solution.


Specialty products that optimize the workers’ operations.

Here at QMB Barrier, we offer a wide range of specialty products that can protect workers and contractors, and that also ensure safety for road users. To meet a variety of needs, such as installing emergency openings, counterflow traffic management, or integrating access zones to a construction site, QMB Barrier can help you choose among its specialty products.

Portable concrete barrier HP-Lock

HP-Lock, the outcome of merging Albatross™ Technology with an existing I-lock barrier, is a MASH-compliant, high-performance, low-deflection portable barrier that can be manufactured using readily available molding equipment.


MiniGuard marks off road traffic and protects work areas and cycle paths.

Used on work areas in many countries around the world, the MiniGuard barrier has a proven track record.

The MiniGuard steel guardrail is relatively light, offers a high level of road safety, and is adaptable to the chosen anchorage. Easy to position and reconfigure, it is particularly suitable for urban environments and places where frequent configuration changes are required. Topped with a fence, the MiniGuard barrier is a safe and aesthetic separator for urban construction sites. The barrier is also equipped with reflectors, which turns it into an efficient and clean way of directing traffic in the most difficult areas.

Qwick Kurb

Qwick Kurb allows an efficient separation of traffic lanes.

The Qwick Kurb Channelizing Systems is internationally recognized as an efficient, affordable and extremely durable system. It helps traffic practitioners meet the highest standards in delineation.

The Qwick Kurb system is designed to resist the harshest winter conditions, and even snow removal equipment. Its multiple configuration options make it a system that can adapt to a variety of work environments, on top of meeting the MASH and NCHRP 350 TL-3 requirements. There are several permanent or temporary applications possible, such as separating lanes in confined spaces, preventing left-hand turns in problem areas, extending bullnoses to channel motorists, delineating bike lanes, encouraging speed reduction, and many others.

RoadConnect ImpactAlert (TM)

RoadConnect remote roadside asset monitoring and alerts to improve response time and minimize risks.

Remote impact detection is enabled by ImpactAlert (TM), a compact, self-contained monitoring device that attaches to roadside assets with non-destructive mounting that preserves the integrity of the core safety asset, and allow to monitor impact status of the assets in real-time. Powered by RoadConnect, each device includes a cellular modem contained within a ruggedized, waterproof enclosure. Remote impact detection can increase the speed and reliability of roadside maintenance, reduce workers time in the field and exposure to traffic, save time and money while also improving road safety.

ImpactAlert (TM) is a simple and fast nondestructive installation device with a 5-year battery life expectancy. Brand agnostic, the ImpactAlert (TM) can be installed to any critical roadside assets such as crash cushions, guardrails, end terminals, utility poles, bridges and more.

Barrierguard 800

BarrierGuard 800 is your best option for construction zones protection.

The BarrierGuard 800 is a steel barrier that can be used for temporary or permanent installations. This system has been proven to be a portable solution with the market’s lowest lateral deflection on impact.

Rigorously tested, this barrier has been crash-tested to meet the high performance standards of the NCHRP 350, achieving TL-3 and TL-4 criteria. The steel barrier is available in 6 and 12 metre section lengths. There are also angle sections available for tighter curves. Its unique profile has proven to reduce damage during impact.

Other specialty products

We carry a wide range of specialty products

RoadQuake 2F
Trench cover

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Other specialty products

We carry a wide range of specialty products

Installation and maintenance

We offer installation and maintenance for all the road safety products.


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