Permanent Movable Barrier


Increasing capacity on the roads and reducing congestion in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

The constant increase in traffic on our roads is putting pressure on expansion budgets.

These real problems require innovative solutions that respect the available budgets. Fortunately, there are solutions to overcome these modern challenges.


Permanent movable barriers allow better management of the existing lanes.

By using the existing infrastructure more effectively, we can increase capacity and reduce congestion. To overcome the lack of financial resources for the construction of additional lanes, to ease public transport or carpooling, and to reduce environmental impact, permanent movable barriers ensure good management of existing traffic lanes. The system provides added safety by physically separating reserved lanes from counterflow traffic.

Permanent Movable Barrier

For traffic lane management

Efficiently managing, and at a lower cost, existing lanes.

An expedited method for optimizing the usage of spare space on bridges is to install a movable barrier median that can be laterally displaced. Therefore, it is possible to transform a 6-lane bridge into an 8-lane bridge with a median barrier and shoulders. This creates a central lane (or two) that changes direction depending on peak traffic direction. In order to meet the demands during rush traffic, the barriers can be moved at a speed up to 14 km per hour. This better use of a bridge can be done without major restoration work.

For better management of road traffic on highways or bridges, permanent movable barriers help optimize the traffic flow and provide a much more cost-effective solution.

Temporary Movable Barrier

Providing beneficial solutions to ensure the workers’ safety without hindering road traffic.

For construction site management
For traffic management

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