Ensuring everyone’s safety using smart traffic management systems.


Driven by innovation

Versilis provides automated systems for lane closure, in order to optimize performance of highway traffic.

QMB Barrier Inc. and Versilis Inc. have been partners on numerous projects in the past 15 years. The use and combination of SwiftGates, SwiftSigns and Movable Barriers have proven themselves. Several undeniable advantages make the products and their combined use an excellent choice when there are particular constraints. All partners benefit from the presence of QMB Barrier Inc. and Versilis Inc. on the project in terms of efficiency, speed and safety of operations.

Versilis is a leader in its industry and specializes in the production of innovative systems for traffic management. Its goal is to improve the fluidity and efficiency of road traffic.

Since its beginnings, Versilis has continued to exceed the requirements and standards of the industry. Its team of experts, constantly seeking for smarter solutions, is proud to contribute to improving safety for all. All of the products offered stand out thanks to their sturdiness and exceptional quality.

Our decisions and operations are guided by these principles: quality, safety and efficiency. Thanks to our extensive knowledge about the latest technology developments in highway safety and intelligent transportation systems, we strive to offer innovative solutions to the industry.