Crash Cushions

Crash cushions provide increased protection for workers and road users in case of impact.


Avoiding serious damage in case of impact by protecting equipment, workers, and road users.

On construction sites, the challenge is to allow workers to operate safely without having to worry about road traffic around the site. In the event of an impact, the equipment must be repaired quickly with minimal hindering of road traffic.


Using durable crash cushions and reducing the risks in the event of an impact.

Crash cushions are designed to reduce damages in the event of an impact. These products also protect work areas, and therefore, road users as well. All the crash cushions have been tested and meet the rigorous standards of the industry. They are durable, sturdy and adaptable.

The Quash is a MASH Compliant, non-redirective crash cushion

The Quash crash cushion stands out as one of the safest MASH tested non-redirective systems available. Designed for simplicity with minimal components, it ensures easy handling, installation, and maintenance. Notably, it’s the first MASH tested system designed to safeguard movable barriers as well as portable temporary barriers.


A permanent and robust crash cushion in the event of an impact.

The Smart Cushion Innovation (SCI) attenuator is a reusable permanent impact attenuator that was tested to meet the requirements of NCHRP Report 350, TL-2 & TL-3, as well as the MASH standards.

This attenuator can be attached to median or roadside barriers on permanent or temporary construction sites. Patented, the SCI system can significantly reduce the intensity of an impact with small or large vehicles. Provided for both low and high speed applications, the system was designed to offer maximum safety and reusability, as well as outstanding durability before, during and after an impact. The attenuator requires a minimal inventory of spare parts and resists to temperature variations and various weather conditions.

Absorb M

MASH Tested to TL-3 and TL-2, anchorless water-filled attenuator

No ground anchoring, easy deployment/removal, and the shortest length in its class make the ABSORB-M system the contractor’s choice for a work zone ready MASH crash cushion. At 24” (61 cm) wide, it is suited for narrow areas where road and workspace is limited. The system utilizes interchangeable, nested elements to reduce inventory costs and a universal transition takes time and complexity out of installation.

Absorb 350®

The Absorb 350® system is designed to easily protect concrete barrier ends.

The Absorb 350® system is a non-redirective crash cushion that meets the rigorous NCHRP 350 criteria. The system can be attached to permanent and movable concrete barriers, without the need of ground anchoring. The system is ideally suited for narrow areas where road and workspace is limited. Compared to other non-directive impact attenuators, the Absorb 350® system is designed for the customers’ needs. The system is quick to install and easy to restore after an impact, which allows reducing lane closing time considerably.

The system is suited for narrow obstacles (permanent and mobile concrete barrier ends), road exits, narrow medians, some road borders and any other place where non-redirective or partially redirective systems are generally used. Several adaptable barrier attachments have been developed to meet the needs of our customers.


The new TAU-M, developed in accordance with the latest MASH crash testing standard protects potentially hazardous installations on the road.

The Redirective, Non-Gating, Universal TAU-M Crash Cushion is designed to meet MASH TL-3 and TL-2 testing requirements in a compact, partially reusable design. The system is available for concrete and asphalt applications and can shield hazards with widths up to 30” (760 mm).

Ease of installation, fast on-sight repairs, and numerous transition options make the TAU-M system an ideal crash cushion to shield most roadside and median hazards. The TAU-M system is also available as an upgrade kit to retrofit existing NCHRP 350 TAU-II Systems into MASH TAU-M Systems.


The TAU-II system protects potentially hazardous installations on the road.

The TAU-II is a non-gating redirective universal system that incorporates the latest technologies in road safety. The system protects ends of concrete barriers, and any other fixed object, by absorbing and dissipating the kinetic energy of the impacting vehicle. This reduces the risks of the occupants and allows a safe trajectory for the vehicle. In the event of a side angled impact, the system is laterally blocked by cable guides that cover the length of the system.

The TAU-II family consists of a full line of impact attenuators designed to meet the requirements of NCHRP Report 350 TL-2 & TL-3. The system requires very low maintenance and is composed of multiple reusable parts. It is therefore easy and cost-effective to upgrade impacted sites.


Protection solution for poles and trees

The Raptor system is a protection device designed to reduce the severity of errant vehicle impacts with a utility pole or tree on the roadside. It offers energy absorbing capabilities in head-on impacts.

It can be installed on many sites that do not have the space needed for a traditional impact attenuator. The RAPTOR 300 & 600 Systems meet NCHRP 350 TL-1 criteria as non-redirective impact attenuators. This unique system uses weather resistant material surrounded by a UV stabilized polyethylene. All of the parts are fully recyclable in the event of an impact.

Other road safety products

QMB Barrier provides many other road safety products in order to meet the industry requirements and to ensure the safety of all.

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